First-Year Writing


About First-Year Writing

This page details the learning outcomes for our First-Year Writing course (Writing 150) and recommendation that all BYU students take this course.

Writing and Gen Ed

Follow this link for general education requirements here at BYU. Writing 150 satisfies the First-Year Writing requirement of the GE requirements.

Writing 150 Contest

University Writing sponsors an annual contest to find and reward the best writing from our Writing 150 students (and by “reward,” we mean with money!). Click this link for more detail about categories and prizes as well as deadlines and submission process.

Fact Sheet: AP English Exam

Lots of students come to BYU with AP credit from their high schools. BYU does not give WRTG 150 credit for the AP Literature and Composition test; we do give WRTG 150 credit for a score of 4 or higher on the AP Language and Composition test. This page explains why we have this policy in place.

I’m Interested in Teaching Writing 150

We rely on a large and accomplished staff of adjunct and graduate student instructors to provide teaching for WRTG 150. If you’re interested in joining our team, this page has details for you.

Locutorium- A Journal of Instructor Research

Locutorium is an online journal dedicated to discussions about the teaching of first-year composition. The journal is a place where such discussion can freely occur, with the ultimate goal of enhancing teaching and learning in Writing 150 at Brigham Young University.

Locutorium Winners

The journal sponsors an annual contest recognizing the best in graduate student research and writing. Click this link to see our most recent winners. (All winners are archived in past issues of Locutorium, available online at the previous link.)

Style Academy

The Style Academy is an online collection of resources to help you improve your writing. Its tutorials and exercises were designed for writing students at any level from advanced grade school to college, but we hope anyone-anywhere-who wants to take control of their writing might find the resources here useful.

The Draft

The Draft is a Journal of student writing associated with Brigham Young University.

The Draft publishes award winning student papers from our annual Writing 150 student contest. In addition, The Draft is a resource for students seeking to improve their writing by focusing on strong composition techniques, creative strategies, and sound rhetorical style.